Why Advertise With FCM?

Magazine advertisement is proven to increase sales and return on investment because magazines:

  • Are typically read by highly interested audiences. This lets you advertise to readers with high potential for persuasion.
  • Have full color finishes, making them attractive to readers.
  • Have longer shelf life which allows for repeated exposures to your ad for longer periods.
  • Are displayed and presented in business offices, coffee shops, hospitals, clinics, meeting rooms, etc.


The FCM Advantage

  • Our contents ADD VALUE to our readers.
  • We strive to follow the “3i’s” for all our articles – impact, ideas, and insights.
  • We focus on six key areas that are important to Filipino Canadians – Health, Family, Career, Business, Community, and Inspiration
  • Our audiences are motivated to know, learn, and grow!
  • We want our readers to be “proud” to carry FCM anywhere and on any occasion.
  • Our rates are competitive! We offer several print and online packages.
  • Ability for “print” advertising to other cities (coming soon).


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