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Why FCM exist?

“The reason why the Filipino Canadian Magazine exists is to show that Filipino Canadians have so much to offer to each other and to our new home – Canada. We’re more than just what people see on the surface. We have great insights that we can share.”

– Abel Pagaling, CEO, FICA MEDIA INC.

Instead of describing “About Us”, I’d like to discuss why we exist instead.

Behind every action, there’s always a “why”.

Why did you marry your spouse? Because you love him or her.

Why get an education? You might say to have a more fulfilled and comfortable life.

Why do you get up each day to go work?   So you can provide for you and your family.

Look closely enough and in all that we do there’s always a “why” behind it although sometimes, our “why” isn’t always clear. If I ask you, “Why do you exist?”   You’ll probably pause for a moment and think about it.

Several months before this magazine came to be, I talked to a friend about my idea of creating a magazine that would share insights and ideas that people will find useful. I specifically wanted to focus on the Filipino Canadian community. His response was short and disappointingly cold. “Why?”

What my friend didn’t realize was that his simple answer (or question rather) to my idea created a flurry of mental activity that made me reach deep into my mind. It forced me to clarify my reasons for this magazine… Why should this magazine exist? What is its purpose? Is it the advertising income? Is it to gain personal fame? Or is there more to it?

After several days of thinking this through, a realization began to emerge.   As I discussed the “why” of the magazine to different individuals who would later become the first contributors to this first issue, a clear objective began to take shape. Here it is…

The reason why the Filipino Canadian Magazine exists is to show that Filipino Canadians have so much to offer to each other and to our new home – Canada. We’re more than just what people see on the surface. We have great insights that we can share. Our collective knowledge, experience and ideas can positively impact Canada. We are a community of educated, talented, resilient, and hard-working individuals. This magazine exists to serve as a mirror of who Filipino Canadians are and what we bring to the table. It’s a reminder of our wonderful Filipino culture and our great potential as a people. It’s the compilation of all the insights of Filipino Canadians.

Our goal is that this magazine will remind every Filipino Canadian that they belong to a community that has so much talent and intelligence. Our hope is that you will carry this magazine proudly anywhere you go, that you’ll learn from every article that’s shared by your fellow Filipino Canadians, and that you’ll apply what you’ve learned and share it with others.

Personally, I hope that this magazine will add value to you. I hope that in the process of learning from each other, you will uncover the reason to “why you exist.” For we only live once.   Let’s leave a legacy that our kids and the future Filipino Canadians can be proud of.

Enjoy the rest of the magazine and don’t forget to give us your support.

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Abel Pagaling
FCM Owner/Director



About FCM:

As with all successful companies, success is rooted in its member’s belief in their company and what they represent.  It all starts with our core – our MISSION, VISION, and VALUES.   And we are proud to present ours!

Our MISSION:  To bring new and useful ideas, insights, and impact to our audience so they can live a successful life in Canada.

Our VISION: To be ranked the #1 magazine by the Filipino Canadian community, both online and on print.  We want all Filipino Canadians to read, learn, and grow from every article and content we publish.


We want our values to reflect what we do.

I – INSIGHTS, IDEAS, and INSPIRATION:  We strive to positively impact our community by ensuring that our content meets one of these 3 I’s.
M – MOTIVATION:  We motivate our readers to progress and become more successful in all that they do.
P – POSITIVE:  We strive to be a positive influence in our community through our actions, words, and the contents we share.
A – AWARENESS:  We work to bring awareness to our community by introducing new ideas, insights, and inspiration
C – CUSTOMER DRIVEN:  We seek to know our clients’ needs.  We take steps to meet those needs.  We seek feedback from our clients.  And we develop relationships that will foster trust.
T – TRANSFORMATIONAL:  We strive to be a transformational team in our community, always bringing in new ideas, insights, and inspiration.

We look forward to a successful partnership with you!