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Dave started his career as an engineer in early 2002 after graduating at SAIT – Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.  After two years in the engineering field, he realized that engineering wasn’t for him.  “I was searching for something, but I didn’t know what it was,” says Dave.

That’s when he picked-up and read his first self-development book, Awaken the Giant Within You, by Anthony Robins.  “After reading that book, I realized a lot about myself,” says Dave.  After that, he began reading more books.  “When you’re in pain and your searching for something, you’re looking for answers.”

Dave’s brother gave him a book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.  “That’s really what’s changed the course of my life, and the reason why I’m where I’m at today,” said Dave.  Through that book, he realized that there are different paths to becoming successful financially.  “It opened my mind to business,” says Dave.

In 2004, Dave made a career transition from engineering to network marketing business in the financial services industry.  It was then that he met Roxanne.  “In 2007, he was my trainer in the financial services business,” said Roxanne.  “I was ambitious.  I wanted to become a lawyer.  But when I was introduced to business, I realized that I could make my dreams come true by having my own business.”

After getting married, Dave and Roxanne continued in the network marketing industry.

“Network marketing opened my mind on how to build your network,” said Dave.  “I fell in love with the personal development side of it.  I fell in love with reading books.  In my belief, if someone wants to start a business, or if someone wants to stretch their business muscle, then they should consider a home based network marketing business.”

Dave and Roxanne are very passionate about network marketing and the advantages of the business model over the traditional business model.

“When you start a business and don’t have the experience, you have to build every component of the business.   That’s tough.   There’s a lot of moving parts when you start your own business. With network marketing, the heavy lifting of starting the business has been done for you.“

Over the years, Dave and Roxanne have seen many individuals grow in their personal development and their network marketing business.  Dave has personally seen himself mature because of the personal development and business experience he acquired.  “Before, I was very insecure.  The first time I gave a presentation on my business, I was shaking.  I couldn’t say a word.  But from there I developed to where I’m at now, teaching and building my team and helping other network marketers.”

Today, Dave and Roxanne are doing two things in the industry.  They’re helping network marketers grow their business, and they also have a health and fitness network marketing business.  “We’re branding ourselves as an authority in the network marketing industry because we want the industry to grow.  The majority of our clients already have a business, but they come to us for solutions.  Some of them don’t have a company, so we end up working with them.”

As for the advantages of working together as business partners and husband and wife, Roxanne said it’s more fun to be in business together.  “We benefit from each other’s strength.  Dave is more creative.  I’m good with people.  So we compliment each other.”

“One of the biggest advantages of working together is that our thoughts are aligned,” says Dave.  “We read the same books, we go to the same seminars, and we are big on personal development.  So, we’re always growing.”

Dave and Roxanne have the following set of advice for couples who are looking to start a business together:

  1. Identify what your strengths and weaknesses are from the very beginning. Focus on each other’s strengths.  Support each other’s strength.  Don’t make your partner do something that he or she is not good at.
  2. Allocate time every week for “marriage time.” Go on a weekly date and reconnect with each other.
  3. Work towards the same goals. Plan together. Set a time each year to do your yearly planning.

To know more about Dave and Roxanne, go to www.daveandroxanneobiso.com.


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