Meet FCM’s FIT QUEEN, Queeny Alfeche!


FCM’s FIT QUEEN Queeny Alfeche introduces herself and talks about her
Arnold’s Amateur contest this Thursday, March 2, 2017! Catch her live at:

My name is Queeny Alfeche, known as fit_queeny in Instagram. I moved in Canada last 2007.

I’m a fitness freak. I love to workout. I set myself to higher goals that are impossible but, I’ll make it possible.

I eat healthy/clean. I cook my own meals every day. I’m an open-minded person, outgoing, enthusiastic, committed to reaching my goals, and I love my family dearly who supports me through everything.

The competition this Thursday is one of my goals – to compete for Arnold’s Amateur show who is the person who started it all.

One of my dreams is that one day I’ll be competing on this show and here it is. It wasn’t easy, and it’s not hard either. It’s doable if you really want it.

Yes, it took me 7 years to get to where I am but, it’s all worth it. This competition is out of my comfort zone, and I take everything as a challenge outside my comfort zone because sometimes you just have to take that risk to see where it takes you.

Yes, I’m scared, nervous, but I’m very excited about what can happen. All I know is that I will show my best package and show that I’m a winner and that it’s my time to shine.


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