FCM Presents: One-on-One With a Young, Promising FilCan boxer – Allain Rex Balon

FCM Presents:  One-on-One With a Young, Promising FilCan boxer – Allain Rex Balon


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Allain is from Calgary, Alberta.  He currently trains at Neutral Corner Boxing Gym under coach Michael Mastromatteo.  He is 13 years, in grade 8, and plays basketball and other sports besides boxing.  Alex is a quick puncher with great foot movement in the ring.  He has two siblings, both boys, age 2 and 10.

We interviewed Allain to know more about his boxing journey.

FCM: What do you like about boxing?
Allain: My dad introduced boxing to me when I was young.  I started training in our basement with my dad.  Then September last year, I joined a gym.   Then in January, I moved to another gym, Neutral Corner.

If my dad is here, I train almost every day with him.  But when my dad is away, we go to the gym about 3 to 4 times a week.  Training is about an hour to an hour and a half.  When I train with my dad, we go up to 2 hours.

FCM:  Do you like training with your dad?
Allain: Yes.  I get more time with my dad and learn more skills.

I have a coach now.  I learn a lot more from him.

FCM:  Have you fought already?
Allain: Yes, I had three fights.  My first fight was in Edmonton.  I won by TKO.  My second was in Edmonton as well at the Howard Johnson hotel.  It was “fun bout” so no winner, but it still counts as a fight.  My third fight was in provincials in Grand Prairie.  So far I have three medals, and a trophy for Best Junior Fighter.

FCM:  How has boxing helped you?
Allain: I know that if I ever get in trouble, I can protect myself.

FCM:  What does it take to win a match?
Allain: You have to be dedicated to fighting.  Before a match, I usually train every day except Sundays.  I train about an hour and a half.

FCM:  How have your parents helped you?
Allain: They really support my boxing. When I fought in Grand Prairie, we took the plane to get there.  That cost them a lot of money.  They’re always supporting me.

FCM:  Do you have a fight coming up?
Allain: Not that I know of.

FCM:  What’s the most important aspect of boxing?
Allain: Be courageous to fight.  Do your best.  And be disciplined.

FCM:  Your message to young guys like you?
Allain: If you have a dream, you should pursue it as much as you can.



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