Jerry Caingcoy – Founder of TFCC, Public Servant, Founder of a Private School

Photo: Armand Flores


Before coming to Canada, Jerry worked as an executive in local and multinational companies in the Philippines. “I had more than 15 years of management experience encompassing sales, training, and education,” says Jerry. “I also founded a progressive private school which is now complete with pre-school and elementary classes.”

In October 2007, Jerry moved to Canada. “I had to start my professional career all over again.” From an entry level position, Jerry worked his way up to a management position with one of the largest organizations in Calgary. “We can rise above the ranks if we truly work at it.”

Jerry is very passionate about the Filipino- Canadian community. He organized fundraising events to help disaster victims in the Philippines. He coordinated networking events resulting in a stronger connection amongst Filipino. Through his efforts, many Filipinos in Calgary have a group they can turn to for guidance, feedback, motivation, and inspiration.

Jerry also hosted TV Filipino which was featured on a major cable network watched by Filipinos in Canada. He informed the community of upcoming events and conducted interviews of Filipinos who have an inspiring story to share.

Aside from being a full-time employee and a dad, Jerry is a member of the International Lion’s Club and served as the chairman of the Pride of Community Award. He also volunteers as a mentor for the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) where he mentors immigrant professionals so they can become successful in Canada. And on top of this, he helps Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW’s) through his local church.

In 2015, Jerry founded TFCC – The Filipino Champions of Canada. One of TFCC’s key initiatives is FCT, or Filipino Champions Talks. The event showcases successful Filipino-Canadians who give speeches to inspire the Filipino-Canadian community.

“TFCC is a registered non-profit society in Alberta that is passionately carrying and executing the vision of connecting, sharing and inspiring one Filipino at a time. Our core values are RICE – Respect, Integrity, Community, and Excellence. In a nutshell, TFCC would like to connect, share and inspire one Filipino at a time with respect and integrity in the spirit of community through excellence.”

On November 18, TFCC is hosted FCT Youth, designed to showcase young leaders from the community.

“I like what Mother Theresa said, ‘not all of us can be great, but we can be great in small things that we do.” said Jerry. “How do we strengthen the Filipino community then? We all have a role to play. Everyone can contribute in their little way.”


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