Lawrence Macaraeg – Oil and Gas Executive and founder of Mac Martial Arts Club

Photo: Armand Flores

When Lawrence was young, he devoted a lot of his time trying to develop new and exciting things.

Growing up, Lawrence wanted to place a mark on this earth, be it in sports, something he engineered and developed, or being the first Filipino to ever do something big.

After graduating post-secondary, he started his career with a pipeline company, designing circuit boards.

To further his knowledge, he worked and traveled throughout Canada as an engineer, and installed new navigational devices for helicopters.

With the market downturn and restructuring of his company, Lawrence went back to his oil and gas roots and worked with a company that enabled him to travel around the world to help educate engineers and technicians on new oil and gas technologies.

Lawrence’s role as manager of technical development caught the eyes of a CEO of an oil and gas company in China.

Today, he is a Director of North American operations for one of the biggest growing oil and gas companies in China.

When he is not working his day job, Lawrence runs his greatest achievement – his martial arts school. It all started at age 12 in North East Calgary. After school, he would regularly go to a Filipino Martial Arts school where he would spend four hours a week practicing and training in the art of Kaikendo.

After five years he studied the art of Arnis and hand-to-hand combat from Filipino instructor Master Ray Julien, an 8th degree black belt under the Saudi TKD Kickboxing Association.

In 1996 he was given his black belt and was asked to assist in training the new students. This opportunity led him to become Master Ray’s assistant instructor.

Lawrence knew his passion to one day own his school would be within reach when he would teach private lessons in a local basement. He started with less than five students which grew to 25 in less than six months.

In 1998, Lawrence was approved by Master Ray to run his school which he named – Mac Martial Arts Club.

From opening its doors, Lawrence has helped hundreds of students become not only great martial artists but strong and successful individuals.



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