FCM One-on-One presents: Mr. Armand Flores (Part 1)


FCM One-on-One presents: Mr. Armand Flores
One of Calgary’s TOP professional photographers.
Owner of Profolio Photography – www.profoliophotography.com


Part I

FCM: Tell us about your photography journey.
AF: It started when I was seven. My grandmother gave me a camera for a gift. December 31 is my grandma’s birthday, and we always have a reunion. I always volunteered to take the photos. They use to say, “Bong-bong, how come my head is cut off in this photo.”

FCM: So photography started very early for you.
AF: Yes! I always loved photography. When we moved to Canada, I was encouraged by the scenery in the country. It was 2006. Canada is just beautiful. I love the landscapes.

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FCM: How did you develop your photography skills?
AF: I studied photography in Toronto. I also went to New York to take courses and workshops. I wanted to get into fashion. Back in the Philippines, I was very interested in fashion. My mom made bridal gowns, and I helped her out. She asked me for input on her designs. So at a very young age, I loved images. Then when I came here, my friends asked me to do wedding photography.

FCM: That’s a big job.
AF: Yes. My first wedding gig, I was very nervous. It was stressful. I found out then that I wasn’t a technical photographer. I was more instantaneous. I was a “capture the moment” photographer. My favorite quote is by Paul Gauguin, “I shut my eyes to see.” He’s an excellent artist! You can photoshop a photo, but you can’t photoshop the emotion. I want to capture not just the photo, but the person behind the picture. Every person is beautiful. I use lighting and angle to bring out the person.

FCM: That’s great!
AF: Anyone can take photos. But passionate photographers can capture emotions. To take great pictures, you need to have passion behind it.

FCM: And you have a family as well.
AF: Yes. In 2010, I met my wife, Sam. We met in the Philippines; then we met here again. She asked me about Cameras. Then that’s how our relationship started. We have one baby girl now.

FCM: Tell us about your company, Profolio.
AF: It started back in 2009. I have a friend in Edmonton. He’s from the UK. We became very close. Like me, he is passionate about photography. I wanted to create portfolios, but it was going to be professional portfolios. Then in 2010 I moved to Saskatchewan to be with Sam. In 2011, Sam and I officially established Profolio. We worked on wedding events. Then in 2013 we moved back to Calgary. Sam was hired in the South Health Hospital.

FCM: What did you do while you established Profolio?
AF: Back in Saskatchewan, I worked as sales for a publishing company. Then I moved here in Calgary and landed a job with Heninger Toyota as a product advisor. Calgary is where Profolio flourished. We did weddings. That’s business side. My work is more on the artistic side or fine art photography. Some will find my artistic work very adult related. I capture the human side, the emotional side on my photos. The images I capture tell a story.

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