Making Health the Foundation of a Successful Life (Part 4)

By Marvin Casiano

Part IV
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I have tried out many ways to work out including weight lifting, running, hot yoga and spin class. I would have never even dared trying any of these activities before for fear of failure.

Now I want to see what I can do.

I have completely embraced this healthy lifestyle with the success and the spin off confidence it has given me. I literally carry these achievements everywhere I go. Some of my favorite conversations are with friends who last remembered me 80 pounds ago. It is a virtuous cycle instead of a vicious one.
I mentioned near the beginning of this that health is the foundation and found that the simple lessons learned about health can transcend into the family, finance, and career aspects of life.

The opposite of deficit is surplus so if you spend less than you earn, you have surplus. Saving a little everyday seems to have made us more comfortable just like the little decisions that support a guiding principle.

The money I spent on bad food choices is spent on things that support my family’s future. My kids watch me make healthy choices and make similar choices about their food and they don’t seem to be gaining any unhealthy weight.

You are what you eat and it is more important to learn about how to lose or gain good weight at your will.

The best health advice was from those who weren’t trying to sell me something and the best career advice was from mentors who weren’t trying to further their own careers on top of mine.

I have been placed in a leadership position at work – partly because of the perception of this achievement and more so because of a rejuvenated passion for what I do for a living. I applied the same passion for technology to health and see technology as a way to augment the health journey.

It was an affirmation that you can’t manage what you don’t keep track of.

Be thankful for your rewards instead of rewarding yourself for being good by being bad. Someone saw a need for me to share this with the community and encouraged me to write this article to try to inspire others.

There were so many lessons from a health transformation that have transcended positively into the other aspects of my life.

I also mentioned that the desire to maintain health, family, career, finances and obligations to the community come from the journey of 3 I’s. It starts with an inspiration to do something, an idea of how and finally insight from having tried. I was inspired and carried out a simple idea burning more calories than consuming them. The insight only came from trying it out.


Patrick Marvin Casiano
I am an Electrical Engineering Graduate of the University of Calgary who dedicates his livelihood to applying technology for solving problems. I am fortunate to have landed a career doing what I do as a hobby with the motivation to take care of and support from my loving wife Ronalyn and three boys, Isaiah, Lucas and Arthur. I have recently embraced a healthy lifestyle reaping the benefits of positive changes. Exchanging and acting upon ideas that solve problems are a guiding principle in how I interact with people.



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