Making Health the Foundation of a Successful Life (Part 1)

By Marvin Casiano


Part I.

Often times we try very hard to organize and separate the many aspects of our life. We often juggle having to take care of our family, our careers, our finances, and our obligations to the community while maintaining the desire to keep taking care of these things concurrently.

However, we can’t actually multitask because of how our brains work. It is impossible for a normal person to have multiple simultaneous thoughts.

We instead change tasks very quickly giving that task a sliver of time for intellectual dedication. Those slivers keep shrinking and multiplying given the way our world works. Yet we take on more responsibilities only to find ourselves burned out, and forgetting why we took on multiple responsibilities in the first place.

These aspects simply cannot be separated. They overlap over each other and are connected through you as the central hub. They cannot be disconnected nor run as their own entity. They all tie into each other as a complex network. When you change one you affect the other.

So what do we do?

Some will just eliminate many of those aspects in exchange for a simpler life away from society. While that is a very simple solution, for many of us that is simply too irresponsible.

Let’s re-organize these aspects in a different way. Let health be a foundation upon which, family, career, and finances rest on in order to be a meaningful contributor to the community.

There is a particular hierarchical organization starting with yourself as the core, serving your family which is part of the community. The desire to maintain these is a journey from an inspiration to do something, an idea of how and finally insight from having tried.

I am going to propose that if you are looking for change, start off with your health. Without it, none of the other things in life matter.

You cannot take care of those around you if they have to take care of you. It seems selfish but in reality, you are better able to take care of everything with a strong foundation of health.

From personal experience, I can say that health was the best place to start. There were so many spin off side effects that have positively transcended into other aspects of my life. There is a reason I organize these aspects of life this way.

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Patrick Marvin Casiano
I am an Electrical Engineering Graduate of the University of Calgary who dedicates his livelihood to applying technology for solving problems. I am fortunate to have landed a career doing what I do as a hobby with the motivation to take care of and support from my loving wife Ronalyn and three boys, Isaiah, Lucas and Arthur. I have recently embraced a healthy lifestyle reaping the benefits of positive changes. Exchanging and acting upon ideas that solve problems are a guiding principle in how I interact with people.

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