FCM One-on-One Presents: Yves Philidor (Part 1)

Yves Philidor Jr. Muay Thai Coach at Grizzly Cage – Combative Sports Club & Venue (Photo by Eric Cordero)

FCM One-on-One presents:

Yves Philidor Jr.
Muay Thai Coach at Grizzly Cage – Combative Sports Club & Venue

Part I

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FCM: Thank you for meeting with us Yves. Tell us briefly about you.
YP: I was born in Haiti and we moved to Canada when I was five year old. I was married for ten years and now I’m divorced. My former wife is from the Philippines. I studied in University of Alberta and University of Calgary. I’m a licensed real estate agent for 10 years. I also owned a commercial cleaning business with my ex-wife for 8 years. We had 25 subcontractors and 36 accounts when we sold the business back in 2008. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I’ve also bought and renovated houses. I always loved sales.

FCM: Tell us about your martial arts background?
YP: I started training in 1988. I fought as an amateur and professional starting in 1988. In 1996 I retired from the ring but I continue to train, offer lessons, and help other fighters.

From 1996 to 2000, I did body building. I competed in two events. I did natural bodybuilding. I won Southern Alberta and the Provincial Men’s body building, bantamweight category. This was in 2000.


FCM: When did you start your own teaching practice?
YP: It just happened unexpectedly. One of my students introduced me to Darcy Irwin – owner of the Grizzly Cage. They were looking for an instructor for their Muay Thai program. I decided to do it! My love for Muay Thai always gets me going. It doesn’t feel like work. I’m now teaching full-time. I also do private lessons. I teach kids, adults, and I help fighters prepare. I’m also a realtor part-time.

FCM: What inspired you to teach full-time?
YP: Just the idea of doing what I love and making a living at the same time. It just made sense to me.

FCM: There are a lot of different sports and fitness gyms. What makes Thai boxing workout different from other sports?
YP: It’s very rigorous.   It uses the entire body. You never get bored. It’s the art of 8 limbs. Anybody can participate. We now have a program for people with Parkinson disease. It’s a pilot program. It’s been found to be beneficial for people with Parkinson. It’s a very exciting program. We have a long list of participants already.

FCM: Is it safe for children to practice Muay Thai? How old can they start?
YP: Definitely! The most important thing is that they are able to pay attention. As young as five year olds can train.  It’s all in their ability to pay attention.

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By FCM One-on-One

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