FCM One-on-One presents: Yves Philidor Jr. (Part 2)

Yves Philidor Jr. Muay Thai Coach at Grizzly Cage – Combative Sports Club & Venue (Photo by Eric Cordero)

FCM One-on-One presents:

Yves Philidor Jr.
Muay Thai Coach at Grizzly Cage – Combative Sports Club & Venue


Part II

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FCM: How about women? Can they learn Muay Thai?
YP: Women love Muay Thai, at any fitness level, beginner to expert. Sometimes I have more female students than men, especially with my private lessons which I do at the gym.   Women have always loved fitness. Now they’re getting into UFC, boxing and combat sports. It’s a new work-out every day. There’s an element of self-defense and self-confidence that goes with it.

FCM: Where did Muay Thai came from?
YP: In Thailand‎. It’s their national sport. Like hockey in Canada. With the popularity of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) it exploded here in North America. Muay Thai is a very realistic form of fighting and that’s why it’s become a popular part of UFC. In terms of self-defense, it’s very effective.

FCM: How have you benefited from practicing Muay Thai?
YP: I’m 47 years old and I’m in pretty good shape. So physically I can’t say enough about the physical benefits of it.

FCM: How does Muay Thai develop the body to get in shape?
YP: Reflexes, and overall physical strength. It develops the neck, legs, and shoulders. It’s a full body workout.‎ It also teaches discipline, and yes self-defense. Martial Arts teach personal disciplines that are transferable to life. Such as goal setting, hard work, visualization. If I don’t work hard each day I won’t get to my goals. This thinking has transferred to every aspect of my life.

FCM: What would you say to someone who wants to try Muay Thai?
YP: Just come at the gym and try it. Like what our gym logo says, “you don’t have to fight to fit in.” There’s no ego in our gym. We’re very welcoming. Everyone is welcome to try our gyms. No matter how old, young, male, or female. You can try a free class.

FCM: How can you be reached by our readers?
YP: They can call me: 403-874-9276

Or email me at yvesphilidorjr@gmail.com

FCM: Thank you Yves. It’s been a pleasure!
YP: Thank you.


(Click here to read part i)

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