FCM One-on-One presents: Janus Pinca (Part 2)

Janus Pinca - President of Modi, Canada - Chief Visionary Officer of Modtech Global (Photo by Eric Cordero)

FCM One-on-One presents:

Janus Pinca
President of Modtech Global Canada
Chief Visionary Officer of Modtech Global

Part II:

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FCM: As young full-time entrepreneur, how do you stay motivated to do what you do?
JP: My motivation starts with my family. As an entrepreneur, I might not have much money at the moment, but I have a lot of freedom. My main motivation is to spend more time with my family.

FCM:   What else motivates you?
JP: My second motivation is to see others succeed. When someone signs up, I want to see them become successful. I want people joining us to be very successful.   The pressure is on us to make our business partners successful.   Service to many leads to greatness.  Everyday there’s people joining, so we want them to succeed. This is my motivation.


FCM: How is it like to be an entrepreneur?
JP: People always see the success that’s visible on the surface. But the reality is it’s very hard to be an entrepreneur.   The difference is that I never quit. I don’t believe in giving up on what you want to achieve. There’s no successful person that didn’t struggle. Successful people endure the hardship. They don’t surrender.

FCM: Is this why you’ve been successful with MODI?
JP: The reason MODI works is because we’ve created a path of success for others to follow. We paved the way for others. When you push through the difficulties, that’s where success is. There’s never an easy path to success, but once you reach it, it’s great.

FCM: What was biggest challenge you faced when you decided to become a full-time entrepreneur?
JP: Being a young entrepreneur is not normal. When I quit my job, people got worried. It wasn’t Normal. But I believe by doing so I can now chase my dreams full-time. There were a lot of struggles! There were times when bills are unpaid. But I persevered through it. I wanted more freedom, more time for myself and for my family. As a full-time entrepreneur, I control how I spend my time.

FCM: What’s the plan for the next year for you?
JP: We want Modtech to become a leadership factory. We’re going to create a Modtecademy. We don’t just want to be another sales team. We want to develop leaders.

We need to grow, and for us to grow, we need to learn. So leadership is critical for our growth. We learn from each other. That’s the beauty of our team. In Modtecademy, we want our affiliates to grow their income and their personal development. It’s continues learning process! Be a sponge, learn, apply what you’ve learned, and grow.

FCM: Thank you Janus. We wish you and your team all the best.

By FCM One-on-One

(For Part I, click here)


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