By Valen Vergara

Money is bound by misinformation for most people. They do not understand the value in it. Meaning they value IT and LOVE it. Instead of the value it DENOTES. People who do not have money, are scared of it, and fear the responsibility it demands, and what it may do to them. Money is merely an image of our own inner-game. It’s so unfortunate that something so impartial, so intrinsically worthless becomes idolized. It’s NOT the love of money that is truly the root of all evil it’s the MISUNDERSTANDING of it that is.

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Become visible and credible in your business and career at

Thou shall not love money; thou shall hate what the lack of money is perpetrating in life. For it is the LACK of it that is stealing people away from what they really love; for most people, not for all. That very same scarcity is what is causing people esteem money in the first place. Those without it think a “hell” of a lot more about it; those with it are in “heaven” with what you call your “hell.”

Your income seldom surpasses your personal improvement, and when it does, it’s temporary like the “lottery effect.” If you were to take the money from of the wealthiest people in the entire world and evenly distribute it amongst the rest of the world, within five to ten years that money would end up in the very same pockets it began with.

Value demonstration attracts money, not the WANTING of it. If you want to get more money, you have it the wrong way. To circulate more money, you must create more value. Master that and you will have more money than you know what to do with. Money is only paper and plastic. When you create more value for its users, and translate that value into terms they can understand; they will also realize that money is worthless. As a result, they will transfer the value they once placed on their money and transition that into your value offerings. You must learn to become more valuable as a value provider.

People don’t want money, nor do they want products and services. They want what these things allow them to experience. Focus on the by-products that money brings. Such as health, wealth, happiness, wellness and experience, et cetera. If you can exchange this with those in need, you will not be in need of money.

“Human beings sacrifice their health in order to make money. Then they sacrifice their money to recuperate their health. And then they are so anxious about the future that they do not enjoy the present; the result being that they do not live in the present or the future. They live as if they are never going to die, and then they die having never really lived.” ~The Dalai Lama.


Valen Vergara

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