Marvination – How I Became A Brand Ambassador In The Auto Sales Industry

By Marvin Ogayon


When I started in sales, it was a new environment for me. I didn’t have experience selling vehicles. Soon after however, “selling cars” changed to “helping people find the right vehicle for them.” I made sure every client understood all the pros and cons of the vehicle that they are about to purchase. Whether it is a new Honda vehicle or any of our pre-owned cars, I want to ensure that my client will end up buying the right vehicle that meets their needs and budget.
Marvin AdThey say that working in sales is not for everyone. The pay plan is very different compared to an hourly salary. If you are worried about paying all the monthly dues such as rent, food, phones, utilities, etc., you could end up putting too much pressure and stress on yourself.

At first, I was scared and somehow doubted myself if I was able to make it in the sales industry. It is a tricky and unpredictable profession. There are days, weeks, and worst case scenario a month of no sales at all. I was trained and taught by my mentor to follow my dreams and not the paper (money)! Make sure that I work hard and smart for what I want to achieve instead of working hard just to know how much I can make.

Dedication and work ethics play a significant role in what I have achieved in this field. I’m not saying that I am very successful at this moment, but I will say that at this point I have learned how to be in that position. This July will be my 3rd year as a Brand Ambassador at Okotoks Honda and I’m proud to say that at this early stage of my career, I became the number 1 salesperson for two consecutive years and was part of Honda Canada Council of Sales Leadership this year. It is one of the major awards that a salesperson can ever achieve.

Part of my success is creating a group called “Marvination.” It is exclusive to all my clients that bought a vehicle from me here at Okotoks Honda. I always say that it is part of my 24/7/365 days before and after sales service. That I can always be reached by phone, email, and social media.

I want to make sure that my clients can get in touch with me no matter what they need, anywhere and anytime. I even launched my personal website so people can search me and recognize what I do, making sure it is visible to the public and social media.

Branding is one of the most significant contributors to my success in the automotive industry. I have to be different, unique and stand out from the rest.

If you are ready to make a change or to get into an automotive industry, you should always think about helping people and not to think about how much you can make out of selling a vehicle. Let them feel that they are your priority and not just another sale.

The more you help, the more chances of repeat clients and referral you will get. Your happy client will talk about their vehicle with their friends, co-worker, and colleagues. They will even post it on their social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and mention where they bought it and who they trusted to by it from. When satisfied clients talk about their experience with you, it creates and develops your personal brand, which ultimately leads you to become a successful and trusted brand ambassador.


Marvin Ogayon is a Brand Ambassador at Okotoks Honda. He created his own client group called MARVINATION, dedicated to serving his clients 24/7 365 days.

Helping people is one of Marvin’s primary goal and vision, and that is the reason why he always makes sure that his clients receive the right vehicle with the right features and at the right price. Marvin is celebrating his 3rd Year Anniversary at Okotoks Honda and the automotive sales industry. Marvin continues to educate himself on new and simple ways to make his clients happy.


For more information about Marvin, please visit his website at…
cell: 403.978.9400

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