The Transaction Scale

by Valen Vergara


Before I was aware that there was a scale of exchanges, I hadn’t given much thought into the science behind how things were transacted in business and life. All I knew about at the time were some well-known sayings like, “It’s better to give than receive,” and you “reap what you sow!” I’m sure you may felt the same way or are feeling this way right now. What I’ve found based off of experience is that most people could use a deeper understanding when it comes to one of the most important dynamics of business, success or money; that being, TRANSACTIONS.
This is a pedagogy, which is rarely practiced and once realized, can uncap limitless potential as a professional product and service provider! In business, career and life, we are ALWAYS in a state of transaction, most just aren’t aware of this fact. The lion’s share of people are operating at a novice level of exchange. To the masses, this is the only “modus operandi” that they know. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know!” In an effort to help you be “in the know,” I’d like to unpack, “The Transaction Scale,” so you can “be in the know.”


Criminal Transaction: This is a harmful exchange when there isn’t an earnest deposit given for the help, therefore the receiver does not place value on what is given and or abuses the generosity. You get what you enable. When someone takes something without “paying” for it, they’re unintentionally stealing from you, aren’t they? The receiver must be involved in the process of what they’re receiving; otherwise it’s taken for granted! An example of this would be an animal caught in a trap that bites you when you attempt to rescue it. You mean well, but the animal in the human hasn’t learned what to do with abundance… yet.


Unfair Transaction: When an unbalanced exchange takes place where one party under delivers and breaks a predetermined transaction agreement. In business and life, this is when someone doesn’t fulfill their end of the bargain. This happens all the time in business and life and is why most people are weary in professional transactions and say things like, “Can I get that in writing please?” Even then, further protection and assurance is needed these days with the amount of unfair transactions taking place! The good ol’ handshake is now just a figure of speech! Isn’t it?


Fair Transaction: Where two parties create a mutual exchange and uphold what is agreed upon. For the most part, in business and life when someone experiences a fair transaction, when the stakes are high, they feel like they just won the lottery.


Transaction In Abundance: Where one party over delivers and gives above and beyond the expectations of the other, ONLY AFTER a fair transaction has taken place. Transaction in abundance is the most rare form of exchange and when it happens it’s usually because someone gave you the following, more time; quality time; or bonuses.


I’ll leave you with this, and after doing this exercise; it should change your business and life!


Drill: Write down a list of everyone that you’re in a transaction relationship with and figure out what form of transaction you have with them. After doing that, ask yourself this question: How can I create transaction in abundance with these relationships?


Valen Vergara

Award Winning Bestselling Author, National Columnist, As Seen On Game Movie Changer Movie, Social Entrepreneur, Investor, Humanitarian & Entrepreneur Mentor.


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